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The Management Transformation and Innovation for Time-honored Brand Enterprises

In Chinese language and culture, the term time-honored brand connotes a particular type of Chinese business. Such a business would have these characteristics: a long history, use of ancient legend or skills, a unique business culture, and a people-oriented business philosophy.

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Indigenous Women In Educational Leadership

Globalization and Internationalization have the potential and capability to produce inequalities in all types of settings, but especially in education. While Globalization calls for uniformity and conformity, it fails to acknowledge minorities and diversity.


Global Leadership: Sustainable Tourism

This paper explores the positive and negative impact of tourism on the Belizean natural resources and residents. Ecotourism is important to the survival of the natural resources and the Belizean tourism industry.


Human Capital Development in Developing Countries

Investments in human capital; mainly healthcare and education, are important to positively influence social change in developing countries, and have been directly linked to economic growth.


Navigating a Sea of Distrust: A Case Study of Trust Failures in the Placencia Peninsula

On July 31, 2013, a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government of Belize (GOB) and Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) was entered, highlighting the value and importance of a new tourism project in Harvest Caye .


Global Leadership and Learning Through Humor

A significant amount of literature has been published suggesting that connecting leadership and learning through humor has a potential to significantly increase the productivity of a work environment.


Pursuit of What You Belize

John Smith (1968) had once said, “The first thing you have to know is yourself. A man who knows himself can step outside himself and watch his own reactions like an observer” (Smith, A. 1968). This essay discuss how a entrepreneur in Belize who has a supermarket in Mopan Maya villages of Santa Cruz in Placencia, realizes his dream by studies his market areas, his customers and applying some basic theories into his practices.

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Infusing Technology Into Third World Countries

As technology has shown a significant role in the development of the Western World and its economic growth, Third World countries are still suffering to integrate advanced technologies into their system today. With globalization and cooperation from developed countries advanced technologies can be infused into Third World countries.


Collaborative Intelligence (CI): Integration of Key Competencies for Optimal Collaboration

In order to develop meaningful solutions to today’s most complex global concerns, it is imperative that leaders from the public, private, and civil sectors collaborate.

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Solidarity as a Global Issue

While there are a number of ideas I have developed a better understanding of over the course of our learning experience in Central America, there is one stand-out global issue that I look forward to relating to real-world situations moving forward.

American Millenials

American Millennials

The rapid retirement of the Baby Boomer generation coupled with the sheer size of the Millennials cohort has forced them into leadership positions faster than both the Generation X and Baby Boomer groups, creating rapid advancement within the Millennials ranks, but with potential consequences tied to the communication and leadership differences present within these different generations.


Integrating Leadership Competencies, Values and Cultural Attributes To Optimize Global SEER Initiatives – A Three Dimensional Approach

The idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been growing and evolving across the global business landscape for the last several decades.

School Strategy Plan

Perceptions of the Independent School Leaders in California on Current Challenges and the Leadership Skills to Meet Those Challenges

by Randy R. Bertin
Many independent schools define themselves as among the most innovative primary and secondary educational institutions in the nation.


Assessing the Dialectic in the Academic Literature Between Culturally-Dependent and Universal Leadership Attributes

The two divergent threads of global leadership research represented by situational analysis and identification of universal traits create a fascinating dialectic, a conflict in the literature that students and professionals alike must moderate in order to get the most out of each component.

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Two Million Slaves

The FBI reports that sex trafficking is “the most overlooked and under investigated form of child sex abuse facing American society today” (2010). Sexually exploited children do not specifically rank as a priority.


Leveraging The College Admissions Process To Benefit Students Through International Service Learning

The pressure to perform, compete, and excel for the purpose of building a robust college resume designed specifically to impress college admissions officers has a significant effect on many students.


Report and Analysis of HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Belize

When the first AIDS case was diagnosed in Belize in 1986, the central government there established a National HIV/AIDS Remediation Program within its Ministry of Health (reference). Since that first diagnosis, the virus and its consequential complications, AIDS, have become the fourth leading cause of death throughout the world, following only diabetes, heart disease, and land transportation accidents (International, 2009).