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Pursuit of What You Belize

John Smith (1968) had once said, “The first thing you have to know is yourself. A man who knows himself can step outside himself and watch his own reactions like an observer” (Smith, A. 1968). This essay discuss how a entrepreneur in Belize who has a supermarket in Mopan Maya villages of Santa Cruz in Placencia, realizes his dream by studies his market areas, his customers and applying some basic theories into his practices.

Infusing Technology Into Third World Countries

As technology has shown a significant role in the development of the Western World and its economic growth, Third World countries are still suffering to integrate advanced technologies into their system today. With globalization and cooperation from developed countries advanced technologies can be infused into Third World countries.

Solidarity as a Global Issue

While there are a number of ideas I have developed a better understanding of over the course of our learning experience in Central America, there is one stand-out global issue that I look forward to relating to real-world situations moving forward.

American Millennials

The rapid retirement of the Baby Boomer generation coupled with the sheer size of the Millennials cohort has forced them into leadership positions faster than both the Generation X and Baby Boomer groups, creating rapid advancement within the Millennials ranks, but with potential consequences tied to the communication and leadership differences present within these different generations.