Why Belize?

3Belize is an uncommonly verdant and beautiful country. It is a haven for fantastically friendly people from many different backgrounds. There is a rich history which involves Garifuna and Mestizo origins and a country which has many different cultures. As a nation, it is emerging with an annual income of $4300 USD per year. It is English speaking and was once known as British Honduras. The country gained independence in 1981 and is still finding its main focus for its people. Tourism is a major industry, however, Belize does faces many decisions in that process. For example, many people do not want the “Big Boats” such as Norwegian Cruise Lines and others to take over their small villages on the coast.

At the core of our mission is a deep desire to serve as partners in fostering sustainable solutions. Rather than impose, we seek to empower and support others through collaboration. We take on global issues but we help those around us. Currently we are raising funds for an ambulance for the town of Placencia. We give very publicly and support “Pack for a Purpose,” and, during our Saturday dinner at the conclusion of the annual conference present, local students who have scored highest on school exams, tablets in an effort to support their education. ICGL believes in direct giving, and the registration fee goes towards the purchase of those tablets as well as conference expenses.

The ICGL Annual Conference is a place for like-minded professionals to discuss global issues. The Belize Conference is a forum for the exchange of ideas-particularly in the social sciences, and for the discussion of values-based leadership proposals. It is not too far…but just far enough. We utilize the town of Placencia as a base to meet.

The conference has been hosted at Roberts Grove Resort just up the road from the village of Placencia. Robert’s Grove provides a quiet and beautiful space steps from the Caribbean Sea (steps bordered by a few iguanas).

Belize provides us an opportunity to “get away” from the ordinary – to stop, reflect and create. Many of the most creative ideas to come from the conference have emerged from the participants themselves. We discuss the future of the health profession, new ways to provide food and water for large populations, and the future of secondary and higher education. We look for new ideas to solve problems in a collaborative format.

The Journal of Global Leadership is part of conference as it provides a way to sustain the discussion and archive the issues even after the conference ends. The conference is usually held the 3rd week of July at Roberts Grove Resort. There is limited registration due to the size of the venue. More information can be found by browsing this website.

Never underestimate what a small group of committed individuals can do.

I hope to see you in Belize,

Dr. June Schmieder-Ramirez
CEO International Center for Global leadership
Professor, Pepperdine University